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Fiber Internet

  • Always On, easy switch, scalable

  • Various speeds based on your business size and needs

  • Suitable from regular email access to e-commerce hosting, intensive web usage, advanced internet needs (cloud-based storage and apps)

  • Supports high definition Voice over IP (VoIP)


  • ADSL – for downstream intensive businesses (graphics or multimedia intensive services), up to 8Mbps downstream and up to 640kbps for upstream
  • SDSL – for wideband digital transmissions where both upload and download links are equally important
  • VDSL – uses copper line more efficiently so you get faster than ADSL broadband when fibre broadband is not available. Bosst download speeds up to 15-70 Mbps and download speeds to between 5-10 Mbps


  • 24/7 dedicated Internet access via digital link with all the capabilities of conducting a business at high speeds of up to 1 Gbps

  • Flexibility of running critical servers, systems, and heavy multimedia applications

  • Unlimited IP Addresses


  • Create your own dedicated network within your company with seamless connectivity, between offices and colleagues, to share files, access data based information and collaborate online easily
  • Connectivity from 4Mbps to 1Gbps and uses simple, cost effective extensions to familiar Ethernet LAN technology
  • High Scalability – bandwidth capacity can be easily adjusted as required, no physical conversion required, only reconfiguration.

Leased Line - DPLC

  • DPLC – Domestic Private Leased Line, a domestic (nationwide) dedicated point-to-point leased line service
  • Safely share important data; be it voice, video, or documents; through dedicated, point-to-point between 2 locations, nationwide. Keep your network safe from prying eyes and data thieves.
  • Perfect for high-volume transfers nationwide, the dedicated bandwidth enhances the speed of your data transmissions, as well as, maximising its security and privacy.

Leased Line - IPLC

  • IPLC – International Private Leased Line, an internationally dedicated point-to-point leased line service
  • Securely connect your offices in Malaysia with your international network and business partners. Using the IPLC’s dedicated, point-to-point connection, transferring data within your network is protected from prying eyes and data thieves.
  • Extensive worldwide coverage


  • A fully managed, customized, private network that connects your branch offices in a secured manner.
  • VPN traffic managed end-to-end by one carrier, with knowledge of your source and destination sites for managed VPN-level functionality.
  • Supports mission-critical data transfers, perfect for high end enterprise level applications which requires high network quality of service


  • Satellite-based service used to transmit and receive video, voice and data to remote locations or areas without terrestrial connectivity.
  • Designed to serve from broadcast and interactive multimedia applications to latency sensitive applications
  • Offers a wide range of protocols and features, allowing rapid, low-cost network reconfiguration and expansion to meet new biz requirements.
  • Scalability of network capacity with a bit rate from 9.6kbps to 2MBps

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