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Malaysia Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet

What is Metro Ethernet? Metro Ethernet refers to the extension of Ethernet services beyond the local area network (LAN) to a metropolitan area network (MAN) or a larger geographical area. It leverages Ethernet technology and protocols to provide high-speed, scalable, … Read More

Malaysia Leased Line Dedicated Internet Access Metro-E

Point-to-Point Leased Line

What is Point-to-Point Leased Line? A point-to-point leased line refers to a dedicated telecommunications connection between two locations, allowing for private and secure communication. It is a service provided by telecommunication providers where a dedicated physical line is established between … Read More

Dedicated Internet Access Vs Business Broadband

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Vs Business Broadband

What Are the Different Between Dedicated Internet Access And Business Broadband? The main difference between Dedicated Internet Access and Business Broadband lies in the level of service and the type of connection they provide. Here’s a breakdown of the key … Read More

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